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Columbus, Georgia

Columbus, Georgia

Columbus, Georgia

One of the four largest metropolitan areas in Georgia, Columbus is also home to Fort Benning and Columbus State University. Families and individuals appreciate its suburban landscape as well as its many urban features which include a thriving downtown and the adjacent Chattahoochee RiverWalk. Neighboring areas like Harris County feed into Columbus as well, spreading the city’s population over a much broader area. Close proximity to Atlanta (just 90 minutes away) and Auburn-Opelika (45 minutes) further enhances its location in the region.

Columbus City, Georgia Real Estate

Columbus Georgia

Along the Chattahoochee River, you’ll find Columbus, Georgia’s second-largest city. With a subtropical climate, Columbus enjoys warm summers and mild winters, perfect if you like exploring the great outdoors and enjoying the raft of outdoor activities in the region. It’s a place where residents have access to wonderful cultural attractions and varied dining and shopping options. It’s also a place where families can get a great education for their kids.

With so much going for the area, Columbus is drawing the attention of both homebuyers and investors. If you haven’t yet looked, you’ll find that the Columbus, GA real estate market is very appealing and offers a range of different properties for different lifestyle preferences.

Here, we’ll take a look at real estate in Columbus, GA, and delve deeper into life in Columbus to see if this place and all it offers is right for you.

Brief History of Columbus, GA

Founded in 1828 and named after the explorer Christopher Columbus, the city was strategically situated on the Chattahoochee River. Established as a trading post, it quickly became a hub for the cotton industry, fueling its early growth. During the Civil War, Columbus’s industrial output proved indispensable to the supply of essential resources like textiles, ironworks, and weapons.

In the years following the Civil War, Columbus experienced a period of reconstruction and revitalization. In 1918, the establishment of Fort Benning (now Fort Moore) further solidified Columbus’ position as a significant military and economic center. As the city expanded, a thriving downtown area known as “Uptown” emerged, featuring shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues. This mix of commerce and culture contributed to Columbus’s reputation as a dynamic regional center.

Today, Columbus is a combination of its storied past and modern attractions. Diverse neighborhoods, a vibrant arts scene, and continued revitalization efforts reflect the city’s ongoing evolution.

What Columbus, Georgia is Known For

You can experience world-class whitewater rafting, step into the shoes of an infantry soldier, and stroll through a historic district teeming with charm—all in one city. Columbus offers these attractions and more.

1. Whitewater Rafting

water rafting

Columbus puts adventure seekers on the fast track with one of the world’s longest urban whitewater rafting courses. Whether you’re a seasoned rafter or a curious first-timer, the Chattahoochee River promises an adrenaline-fueled experience.

2. National Infantry Museum

The National Infantry Museum honors the history and sacrifices of the U.S. Army Infantry. Visitors embark on a journey through time, exploring interactive exhibits, immersive displays, and a vast collection of artifacts that pay tribute to the infantry’s legacy. The museum also features outdoor monuments, memorials, and a recreated World War II Company Street, providing a profound and moving experience.

3. Fort Moore

Home to Fort Moore (formerly Fort Benning), Columbus plays a pivotal role in U.S. military readiness. This major Army installation offers advanced training, educational programs, and support services for military personnel and their families. Fort Moore also hosts public events, parades, and ceremonies, giving visitors a glimpse into the world of Army life and the ongoing commitment to national defense.

4. Springer Opera House

A cultural icon, the Springer Opera House is recognized as the State Theater of Georgia. For over a century, this magnificent venue has entertained audiences with a wide array of performances. To discover the latest shows and events, visit the Springer Opera House website.

5. Historic District

Columbus’s picturesque Historic District exudes charm with its well-preserved architecture and cobblestone streets. Visitors can browse locally-owned shops, enjoy diverse eateries, visit art galleries, and experience the city’s vibrant cultural scene.

Columbus GA Real Estate

When exploring Columbus, GA real estate, you’ll find a variety of options to suit different budgets and preferences. Home prices generally range from $150,000 to $300,000 for standard single-family homes.

For those looking for a classic suburban home, a modern urban loft, or even a charming waterfront property, you’ll find options that pique your interest. There are historic Colonial Revival and Victorian homes with elegant details, cozy Craftsman bungalows, and sleek modern designs featuring clean lines and open floor plans. You’ll also find a growing number of sustainable homes and mixed-use developments in Columbus, GA’s real estate market.

Prices, of course, depend on several factors like location, size, and features. Homes in sought-after neighborhoods or those with waterfront views will naturally command higher prices.

Top Neighborhoods to Live in Columbus, GA

Each Columbus, GA neighborhood has its own distinct character. Let’s take a closer look at a few popular choices:

Historic District

The Historic District exudes a sense of the past with its tree-lined streets and beautifully preserved homes. Residents enjoy easy access to cultural landmarks, shops, and eateries. Expect primarily historic houses with intricate details and spacious interiors, generally ranging from $250,000 to $500,000.


For a blend of urban convenience and suburban tranquility, Midtown is a popular option. Its diverse population, thriving business district, and proximity to major amenities draw residents interested in boutiques, gourmet restaurants, and lively entertainment. Midtown features a mix of historic homes, modern condos, and luxury apartments. Single-family homes typically range from $200,000 to $400,000 while condos and townhouses lean towards the $150,000 to $300,000 range.


If you want scenic views and outdoor recreation, Lakebottom is an option to consider. Situated around a lake, this neighborhood offers abundant green spaces and activities like boating, fishing, and hiking. Expect to find a mix of lakefront properties, charming cottages, and spacious estates with prices varying significantly, from around $300,000 to over $1 million for waterfront homes.


This suburban oasis is perfect for families and professionals who want upscale amenities. The area is known for its top-rated schools, pristine parks, and golf communities. Brookstone homes are usually spacious with modern amenities and manicured lawns, typically priced between $300,000 to $600,000.

Green Island Hills

For an exclusive waterfront lifestyle, Green Island Hills delivers. Situated along the Chattahoochee River, this neighborhood has prestigious estates, gated communities, and private docks. Custom-built mansions with superior finishes and expansive outdoor living spaces are the norm, with prices ranging from $500,000 to over $2 million.

Living in Columbus, GA

Quality of life is prioritized in Columbus, Georgia. A variety of housing options across welcoming neighborhoods, excellent educational opportunities, a thriving arts and culture scene, and exciting outdoor recreation are what you can expect.

Top Schools

Columbus, GA offers families excellent educational opportunities. Here’s a look at some of the top schools in the city:

students raising hands

Columbus High School

Columbus High School is known for its rigorous academic programs, including Advanced Placement (AP) courses, International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum, and various extracurricular activities.

Clubview Elementary School

Clubview Elementary School is recognized for its dedicated staff, strong community involvement, and emphasis on academic excellence and character development.

Eagle Ridge Academy

Eagle Ridge Academy focuses on providing a supportive learning environment and innovative teaching methods to help students achieve academic success.

New Mountain Hill Elementary School

New Mountain Hill Elementary School is known for its commitment to personalized learning, student engagement, and fostering a love for learning among its students.

Britt David Elementary Computer Magnet Academy

Britt David Elementary Computer Magnet Academy offers a specialized program integrating technology into various subjects, preparing students for the digital age.

Mathews Elementary School

Mathews Elementary School focuses on providing a well-rounded education, fostering creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration among students.


Columbus, Georgia primarily operates as a car-centric city. With its well-maintained roadways and ample parking, personal vehicles offer the most flexibility and convenience.

Other means of getting around include the Metra bus system with 10 routes running throughout the week. This makes it a viable option for those staying within the city’s limits, particularly for reaching specific destinations or accessing popular areas.

Ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft are also readily available in Columbus, offering an alternative for point-to-point travel without the need to navigate themselves. If you find yourself downtown or in a walkable district like Uptown Columbus, consider exploring on foot for short distances.

While public transportation options are available, it’s important to note that exploring destinations further from the city center might be more easily navigated with a personal vehicle or by arranging private transportation services in advance.


Columbus offers a delightful array of dining experiences to tempt your tastebuds and fuel your explorations. Here’s a list of recommendations that you may want to try.

  • Ruth Ann’s Restaurant: Start your day at this Columbus institution, known for its hearty Southern breakfasts. Their convenient location makes it perfect for starting the day on the right foot.
  • Dinglewood Pharmacy: For a lunch experience with a local twist, Dinglewood Pharmacy is a must-try. This quirky spot in 1939 Wynnton Rd serves up their famous scrambledogs and a side of charming ambiance.
  • Parker’s Pantry: If you find yourself near Gloria Mani Fine Art, pop into Parker’s Pantry for sweet treats like cupcakes and cookies. Their pimento cheese is a local favorite!
  • EPIC: For an elevated dining experience with a contemporary flair, EPIC offers an imaginative menu and sophisticated atmosphere perfect for spending dinners with long-time friends and family.
  • 11th & Bay: Enjoy Southern-inspired cuisine in a welcoming atmosphere in this rustic bistro and bar with indoor and outdoor seating.
  • Morten’s: If you find yourself in Old Town Columbus, Morten’s is a treat for both its innovative cuisine and welcoming ambiance. Their desserts are absolutely worth indulging in.
  • Houlihans at the Columbus Marriott: Unwind with a post-show drink at Houlihans, conveniently located within the Marriott.
  • SaltCellar.: For a cozy nightcap, SaltCellar. offers a curated selection of beverages and a relaxed atmosphere.


Columbus offers a surprising mix of shopping experiences, from major malls to independent boutiques brimming with local character. Visitors and residents seeking an authentic Southern experience will love exploring the city’s independent shops and discovering items that reflect Columbus’s unique character.

  • Peachtree Mall: This conveniently located mall near Fort Moore is the region’s largest shopping center. With over 100 specialty stores, major department stores, and a range of dining options, Peachtree Mall is a popular destination for shoppers seeking variety.
  • Columbus Park Crossing: This expansive shopping center offers a variety of popular national retailers, local shops, and a variety of restaurants, ensuring a fun and convenient shopping experience for everyone.
  • The Landings: For a more intimate shopping atmosphere, The Landings features a pedestrian-friendly layout with a mix of national brands, local merchants, and specialty restaurants.
  • Richland Distilling Company: A short drive from Columbus, the Richland Distilling Company offers a unique experience for spirit enthusiasts. Visitors can go on distillery tours, sample award-winning Richland Rum, and discover Georgia’s role in rum production.

Parks and recreational activities

Beyond its famous whitewater rafting, Columbus offers a range of outdoor experiences. From scenic riverside trails and thrilling zipline adventures to relaxing parks and hidden treasures, Columbus provides a perfect setting for recreation.

Water-Based Adventures

  • Kayaking: For a slightly calmer experience, kayaking offers a different perspective on the Chattahoochee’s beauty. While there aren’t specific designated kayaking stretches, the Columbus Riverwalk provides a popular launching point for exploring the calm waters near Lake Oliver Marina. Several local outfitters offer kayak rentals and guided tours.
  • Ziplining: The Blue Heron Adventure at Rush South offers the unique experience of dual-zip lines connecting Georgia and Alabama. Riders soar above the Chattahoochee River at speeds up to 40 mph before navigating aerial obstacle courses.

Trails and Exploration

  • Columbus Riverwalk: Spanning 15 miles, this paved path follows the Chattahoochee River, offering scenic views ideal for walking, running, or biking.
  • Hiking Trails: Columbus features a variety of hiking trails for all skill levels. You can find easy strolls and more challenging treks, depending on your preference.
  • Geocaching: This technology-driven treasure hunt is a fun way to explore Columbus. Use a GPS device to seek out hidden ‘treasures’ throughout the city and share your discoveries online.

Attractions and events

Columbus arts and entertainment attractions and events range from interactive science exhibits to world-class sporting events. Uptown Columbus features a cluster of theaters showcasing diverse performances, from Broadway productions to chamber concerts.

Visitors can visit the Coca-Cola Space Science Center to experience the world of space travel through interactive exhibits, including simulators that recreate elements of astronaut training.

Columbus also hosts the international I.C.F. Canoe Freestyle World Championship sporting competition, drawing elite athletes from around the globe who showcase their freestyle canoeing skills.

Oxbow Meadows Environmental Learning Center provides a chance to experience the local flora and fauna of the region. The center features walking trails, wildlife exhibits, and educational programs highlighting the area’s diverse ecosystems.

Notably, visitors can stroll through themed gardens, enjoy a picnic lunch, and admire the variety of native and cultivated plants at the Columbus Botanical Garden–a tranquil space that offers a beautiful escape for those looking for relaxation and natural beauty.

Find Your Home in Columbus, GA

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At the Terri Kelley Group, we believe that finding the perfect home is more than just a transaction. It’s about understanding your unique needs and preferences. That’s why we focus on providing a personalized service, combining our expertise in the local market with a genuine desire to see you thrive in your new community.

The team of licensed agents and dedicated support staff are committed to making your home buying or selling experience smooth and enjoyable. Whether you’re a first-time buyer, a seasoned investor, or a military family relocating to the area, we’re equipped to guide you every step of the way.

Call 762.465.9426 or email me here and together, we’ll explore Columbus, GA’s real estate market to find the perfect place for you.

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